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Country of origin: Germany
Production years: 1938 -
Volkswagen is a German car brand in the Volkswagen Group (formerly VAG), one of the world's largest car makers. The company of today was founded in 1946, but its first model Type 1, or "Beetle" was built on a car developed by Ferdninand Porsche during the 30s. The model was a success in post-war Europe in desperate need of cars. Volkswagen produced the Beetle and other models based on the same concept, rear-engined, air-cooled cars until the 70s when a new range of new models were introduced. Models as the Passat, Golf and Polo, with modern design for their time, front wheel drive and watercooled engines were ready to take on the market. These models are still in production, although they've been completely revised on several occasions over the years.

Today, VWs are being assembled not only in Germany, but in countries like China, USA, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, where the last one ever made was produced in 2003.


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