Country of origin: Czech Republic
Production years: 1934 -
In 1905 the Czech motorcycle manufacturer Laurin & Klement started producing cars and quite soon it was the largest car producer in Austria-Hungary. The company was aquired by the ?koda works, a successful producer of guns, in 1924 and the cars were quickly renamned to  ?koda. After the second world war, ?koda was among the most prominent car makers in the eastern bloc, their models sold relatively well in western Europe, with models like the Octaviaand Felicia. Even during the 70s and 80s, ?koda's rear engined, somewhat quirky but characteristic models like the 110 R and the 130 sold in the west, largely due to very low prices. In 1987 the first 'modern' FWD ?koda was unveiled, the Favorit.  In the beginning of the 1990s, ?koda became a part of the Volkswagen group, and today all models are built on the VW platforms using VAG mechanics.


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