Country of origin: Sweden
Production years: 1950 -2014
Saab, a Swedish aeroplane manufacturer, realised as the Second World War ended that the market for fighter planes would diminish, and that car were to be more in demand in the future. Just as Volvo, Saab started constructing a small peoples' car, but contrary to Volvo, Saab went for an unconventional design, inspired by contemporary DKW-cars, with clear aviation influences, two-stroke engine and front wheel drive. The result was Saab 92. Its profile were to be one of the most long-lived in automotive history, and went out of production in 1980 along with its last incarnation, Saab 96. In the end of the 60s, it was getting harder to sell two-stroke cars, and Saab went for a V4-engine from Ford in Germany, also to be found in Ford Taunus 15M P4

In 1969 the all-new Saab 99 saw the light of the day, a model set to be legendary for its turbo-version, launched in 1978. Turbo was to becom Saabs hallmark over the following decades, in models such as 900, 9000and 9-5. The car division of Saab was sold to GM in the early 90s, as a result, Saab 900/9-3 was based on Opel/Vauxhall Vectra. The last generation of Saab 9-5 was presented in 2009, it was however only produced in 11,300 units before production ceased. The factory and some of the tooling and immaterial rights are now owned by NEVS, a consortium of Swedish and Chinese interests developing an electric version of Saab 9-3 generation YTN.


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