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Country of origin: Japan
Production years: 1969 -
Mitsubishi's history as car maker started in 1917 when Model A (based on Fiat Tipo 3) was presented, beleived to be one of Japan's first cars in serial production, even though only 22 were built. After this commercial failure, Mitsubishe went back to producing ships, aircrafts and railway cars until after the second world war. In the late 40's Mitsubishi produced scooters and three-wheeled transporters. In the early 1950s Mitsubishi imported and assembled CKD kits of Kaiser-cars and Jeep CJ. During the 60's Mitsubishi started developing their own models, among others Galant which saw the light of day in 1969. In the early 70's Chrysler aquired a 15 % share of Mitsubishi Motors, and sold some of the models rebadged to Chrysler brands, such as the Dodge Colt. Over the years, Mitsubishi has had alliances with, among others [link gid=180476]Volvo[/link], resulting in the Carisma and the S40, Peugeot/Citro?n, and Hyundai. Today, Mitsubishi is known for tuned rally-versions of the small family saloon Lancer and the plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander.


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