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Country of origin: France
Production years: 1919 -
Citro?n was founded in 1919 by the French industrialist Andr¨¦ Gustave Citro?n. He was a brilliant engineer and good at PR, but fell short in economics. In1934 he had to sell his company to tyre manufacturer Michelin. That same year, Citro?n Traction Avant was presented to the public, sporting modern features such as a monocoque bodyshell and front wheel-drive. The model was to be produced until 1956. Another well-known Citro?n model is the Citro?n 2CV, or 'De Chevaux' unveiled at the Paris Salon in 1948. It was extremely light weight, yet sturdy, with an elegantly designed two-cylinder air cooled engine and phenomenal suspension. 2CV was produced up until 1990 on various locations. Citro?n's biggest sensation however, was the presentation of the ID/DS, in 1955. A car that resembled no other at that time, just as forward thinking in design as in mechanics with hydropneunmatic self-levelling suspension. ID/DS was produced until 1975 when it was succeeded by Citro?n CX. Citro?n was bought by Peugeot in the mid 70's due to financial problems. Together they formed the PSA group which exists to this date. 


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