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Country of origin: USA
Production years: 1912 -
Chevrolet, the crown jewel of General motors portfolio saleswise, and one of the most known brands was founded 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and Willian C. Durant. 1918 it was made a part of GM. Chevrolet was right from the start targeted to compete with Ford's highly successful Model T. Chevy and Ford has ever since been bitter rivals on the North American markets. Chevrolet has been sold in most parts of the world, but since 2013, the brand has been withdrawn from Europe, not to compete with Opel and Vauxhall which also are parts of General Motors. 

Among the most famous Chevy's are obviously Corvettelaunched in 1953, Chevy Van, Chevrolet Nova  and Chevrolet Belair 1955-57, some of the most beautiful american standard car of all time. 


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