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Country of origin: Germany
Production years: 1927 -
BMW, Bayrische Motoren Werke was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp, from the aircraft engine manufacturer Rapp. During the first years, production was focused on motorcycles, and the first car, a license built Austin Seven called Dixi, was presented in 1928. During the 30's success was made on the race tracks with open sports cars, where 327 och 328 are probably the most famous models. The factory was bombed during the war, and car production wasn't to be taken up until the early 50's. BMW then operated at both ends of the scale with minute cycle cars as the BMW Isetta, but also luxuorious large saloons as the the six cylinder 501 and 502 with V8.

During the 60's the models that would shape BMW's future and cement its reputation for sporty saloons and coup¨Ĥes. The BMW 1500 which would becom 1602/2002 and six cylinder 2500/2800. In the 70's, the models which still form the base of the BMW line-up was presented, the 3-, 5- and 7-series. In 1994 BMW became owner of Rover/MG which was sold in 2000. They did however keep Mini which is still owned by BMW.


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