Country of origin: Germany
Production years: 1965 -
The origins of Audi, the premium brand of the Volkswagen Group is not very easy to follow, but it is safe to say that the marque was founded by August Horch in the early 1900's as he had been maneuvered out of his earlier company, Horch. The two brands were however joined together again in 1932 when they formed Auto Union together with DKW and Wanderer, hence the logo with four rings joined together.

Modern Audi saw the light of day in 1965 when Auto Union was bought by Volkswagen. As part of the deal VW also got NSU, which at the time had lots of experience making front-wheel drive cars, something VW needed badly at the time.  The first modern Audi model was to become F103, later, Audi 60. Audi had its breakthrough in the beginning of the 80's with Quattro, a four-wheel drive sports coup¨¦ which had tremendous success on the rally tracks of the time. Over the years Audi has has grown into being one of Germany's three premium brands together with BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Among their most selling models are A4, A6 and Q7.


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